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How to Deploy a Rocket Application to Heroku

Rocket is a web application framework for the Rust programming language. Heroku is a platform-as-a-service provider that makes hosting web applications easy and, at the (low-traffic) hobby level, free. Deployment is as easy as pushing to a special git remote repository.


The Life of a Clojure Expression: A Quick Tour of Clojure Internals

This is a written version of my Clojure/West 2015 presentation, for those who’d rather read than watch a video. It goes into more detail and has some updates for Clojure 1.8.


My rust-study Repo

I’ve been learning the Rust programming language recently. You can see my Rust sandbox on GitHub. In addition to the tutorial guessing game, I’ve implemented a decimal number type and the Luhn Algorithm for validating credit card numbers.


My Clojure/West 2015 Presentation: The Life of a Clojure Expression

I intend to eventually produce a written version of this presentation, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. For now, you can watch the video below and look at the source on GitHub.


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