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A Productive Month: New Music, Video, and Streams

It’s been a productive month for music. “Twenty-Four” is on major streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music. On YouTube I’ve got a performance of “Before the War” (with the Deluge, Matriarch, and my Eurorack case forming the most complex and comprehensive patch I’ve ever created) and have done several live streams. More to come!


New Track: Isoluna Beach

Check out ‘Isoluna Beach’ in all the places! It’s also on my SoundCloud.


New Tracks and Streaming

I’ve now got a micro-mini-album available on all major streaming platforms (and a few I’d never heard of): check out ‘Cable Heart’. I’ve also posted a few new tracks to my SoundCloud recently, including one JUST NOW.


DFAMe: VCV Rack DFAM Thing

I recently discovered VCV Rack and have been blown away by it (starting with the fact that it runs on Linux). As a learning exercise I tried to build a Moog DFAM equivalent, and it turns out to be pretty playable. I won’t claim it sounds as good or is as playable as a real DFAM, but I think it’s pretty complete.


Old Track: 'D This Off' (c. 2002)

Here’s a piece of music I created sometime around 2002. The distorted 808 bass drum is a bit much right from the start. I like some of the string harmonies and the synth parts that come in later. The layering gets too crowded eventually. The portamento (glide) on the heavy synth that comes in at about 2:00 it too slow, and that tone is … a lot.


How to Deploy a Rocket Application to Heroku

Rocket is a web application framework for the Rust programming language. Heroku is a platform-as-a-service provider that makes hosting web applications easy and, at the (low-traffic) hobby level, free. Deployment is as easy as pushing to a special git remote repository.


The Life of a Clojure Expression: A Quick Tour of Clojure Internals

This is a written version of my Clojure/West 2015 presentation, for those who’d rather read than watch a video. It goes into more detail and has some updates for Clojure 1.8.


The Eighties "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" Intro

I loved this show so much as a kid! I can’t quite say this video gives me goosebumps as soon as the music starts, but it’s close.


My rust-study Repo

I’ve been learning the Rust programming language recently. You can see my Rust sandbox on GitHub. In addition to the tutorial guessing game, I’ve implemented a decimal number type and the Luhn Algorithm for validating credit card numbers.


My Clojure/West 2015 Presentation: The Life of a Clojure Expression

I intend to eventually produce a written version of this presentation, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. For now, you can watch the video below and look at the source on GitHub.


Movember 2014 was fun!

Please support prostate and testicular cancer research and mental health programs and look at funny pictures of me at!


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